About us


First, let me thank you for visiting our site. You have probably over 100 sailing supply sites to choose from and you choose us. THANK YOU!

A little about me...I don't watch football. I don't play golf. I'm a Husband and a Dad, so that means I'm a Cub Scout Leader, homework monitor, car repair man, choir supporter, short order cook, and hopefully some days I might even be the "cool dad." Any time I'm not doing that, I'm making every attempt to go sailing I can. Whether it is my Laser on the tiny community lake in Tempe, our Catalina 270 up at Lake Pleasant, or on the coast to charter or race something, I'm trying to get on the water. And man can that be hard to do sometimes.

At Desert Wind Sailboats, I like to say we are "By Sailors, For Sailors." And I mean that. I get how many obstacles there can be to getting to do what you love. My goal is to help you in any way that I can so you can go Sail MORE! Whatever that means for you.

The other thing is we want to be environmentally responsible. We support Sailors for the Sea - Clean Regattas. We believe in using reusable water containers and reducing the amount of plastics we use. We want to be good stewards of the earth's oceans and waterways and help you to do so also.

Call or email me with your problems. Let's figure out how you can go sail more!

TLDR: What can I do to help you Sail MORE!?

Rob Gibbs