O'Pen Bic

The O'Pen Bic is where youth sailing is at! This great boat is sturdy, has a range of rig sizes, is practically indestructible, colorful, modern, and most important - IT'S FUN!


The hull of the O’pen BIC was designed with fun sailing as the priority. It is a modern boat where the hull is as open as possible, thereby leaving the helmsman completely free to move around and trim the boat to any wind and water conditions. When hiking, the large sides allow the sailor to set-up comfortably with his/her feet in the straps without placing any unnecessary stress on the body. The totally open and sloping cockpit means that there is absolutely no water in the boat either during sailing or just after a capsize. A relatively hard chine design was chosen for the bottom shape of the hull. Used by numerous modern boat architects, this design offers an excellent compromise between performance and stability. When reaching or broad-reaching, the boat accelerates quickly to planing speed. When close-reaching, the boat sets on its chine and has excellent performance up wind. 

These boats are quickly becoming the step-up from the Optimist or Sabot. If you or your kid learned in one of those, you'll appreciate the O'Pen Bic's mantra - Bailing is Cancelled! The self bailing design takes capsizing from something that was a horrible event to something that is no big deal. There's no time lost...just right the boat and off you go!

To get the most recent pricing and find out how to get yours, or to get a test sail, give us a call!