Originally designed in 1947, the Optimist Dinghy has become the world standard as both the introductory junior trainer and a premier one design racing class. It is the only sailboat designed specifically for children allowing them to learn the essentials of sailing without danger or fear. It is also the biggest and fastest growing racing class in the world with over 300,000 hulls built worldwide.

Most sailors will stay in the Optimist class for about 4 years. An investment in a good hull can eventually save you several hundred dollars over the long run. McLaughlin's Optimist hull is known world wide for its stiffness, durability, and speed. Like other classes, the Optimist has several levels of rigging depending on the sailors training, ambitions and commitment, but the hull is the foundation. Four different packages take you from the entry level Club Racer to the world class Optisailors Pro Racer.

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