Compass Mount for Laser Sailboat - Analog Compass

$ 45.00

This new design is 3D Printed on demand for you. The compass mounts to the laser with 3M Dual Lock strips. If it does come loose (highly unlikely) it is further secured by the Outhaul and Cunningham lines. It has been tested and has stood up to rough conditions with no issues. Made of biodegradable PLA plastic (don't worry, doesn't mean it's not strong!) it is environmentally responsible as well.

The platform is 4.5" square. The compass shown is the RITCHIE XP-98W X-PORT TACTICIAN™ COMPASS (sold separately) but will accommodate any compass that fits the platform. To attach the compass we recomend drilling pilot holes for your compass platform per the instructions included with it and using stainless steel screws and nylock nuts to secure it to the platform.