Ganz Eco-Energy GEVC Boost Solar Charge Controller - 8A-36V, 6A-48V [GEVC 12-36-48 6A]

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GEVC Boost Solar Charge Controller

GEVC has dual function of DC-DC Booster and Solar Charge Controller. GEVC Controller + Ganz GSP 12V Solar Panel is the best solution for connecting to a 36V or 48V System of Electric Inboard Motors, Electric Outboard Motors and Golf Carts.


  • Charge a higher voltage battery from a lower voltage solar panel (12 Volt)
  • Used for electric inboard motors, trolling motors and golf carts which require 36V or 48V nominal charging system
  • Used to charge a 36V battery at 8 amps max or a 48V battery at 6 amps max from a 12V, 10-330 watt nominal solar panel

  • No series connection of solar panel required
  • High input voltage risks negated
  • Shading issues reduced
  • Superior performance and efficiency

  • Low Cost
  • High Performance
  • Nominal Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • Prevents Battery From Over-charging
  • NMEA 4 Enclosure (Weatherproof)
  • Output Fuse Pre-Connected
  • Output Terminal Ring Pre-Connected
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • GEVC 12-36/48 6A can be connected with 6 GANZ GSP-55 (55W) solar panels or 8 GANZ GSP-40 (40W) solar panels connected in parallel
  • Do not connect any more solar panels then above mentioned

Brochure (pdf)